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Gamestopped by Trading212 ? This class action lawsuit may get you compensated.

Updated: Feb 6

Let's cut straight to the chase.

The WSB v/s hedgefunds story has all the makings of a Hollywood cliffhanger. Last heard, trading platforms such as RobinHood and Trading212 suspended trading on certain securities (read GameStock) for everyday traders, leaving the field open for professionals to mint money.

In an unexpected turn, this move has now been met with a class action lawsuit against RobinHood in the US. An estimated 26,000 people have joined this lawsuit so far.

Closer to home, users of Trading212 in the UK have been crying foul for the very same reasons. As trading was blocked by the platform, many have lost money on trades they couldn't make, an allegation amounting to market manipulation (Photo by WallStreetBets).

Giambrone Law, a prominent law firm in London, has taken note, and is in the process of setting up a Group Litigation Order (the equivalent of a class action lawsuit in the US). They have published a contact form here for affected individual traders to contact them.

If you have been one of those locked out by Trading212, you could be entitled to a handsome compensation for the unfair treatment meted out to you. As the story unfolds, we'll publish more information on the status of this lawsuit. 2021 is already on fire, watch this space for more.

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