Deposit not returned, tenant seeks financial help with GoFundMe campaign

Updated: Jan 11

Merwyn D is a Portuguese national working in London. When he reached out, Merwyn was distressed for not having being refunded his tenancy deposit. Mounting pressure from his current landlord forcing him out led him to sign a 'verbal agreement' with his future landlord and pay the deposit. The money was not put into a deposit scheme for tenants (called TDS), but a handwritten receipt of payment was signed by both parties.

A few days before moving day, Merwyn started experiencing COVID symptoms and informed his future landlord of his fears of moving. In a tight spot for money, Merwyn asked for his deposit back, in return being threatened to litigation.

Merwyn is in a financial tough spot and needs the deposit to cater to a family emergency in India. Without dwelling into a legal whodunnit, we're hoping to help Merwyn raise the £ 519 he needs to send back to his family in India.

Photo: Merwin's family in happier times

Here's hoping we all see a bit of ourselves in him, and can help him in this tough moment.

Below are his campaign details:

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