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Recent Cases
Employer conflict in COVID context

Response by Naveed Khan

27 June 2020 | 3:52 PM

Amount paid:
$ 500

Conveyancing case for auctioned property

Response by JS Solicitors

10 May. 2020 | 9:58 PM

Amount paid:
$ 650

Patent work for neurological device

Response by Suzanne Davies

28 April. 2020 | 4:26 PM

Amount paid:
$ 800

Website TnC for recruitment startup

Response by James Ovuike

15 July 2020 | 6:37 PM

Amount paid:
$ 900

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Over the past few months we’ve worked with individuals and companies all over the world. Over the scores that have recommended us, here is what some of them have to say.

Getting help from the Fortyq team was super quick. I was connected with a few lawyers by the Fortyq team and the lawyers were accessible and responded fast. I needed help with a customer service agreement and had Barrister Khan assist me on that at a reasonable fee.

Nisarg Shah

Very professional and really very quick. I could get my questions answered, including follow-on classification questions. Really happy.

Radek Kowalski

I tried Fortyq with a couple of legal questions that I have been debating for quite some time. The answer was incredibly fast for the complexity of my questions. Thanks for everything!

Dr. Ines de Santiago

I had a very complicated case of unpaid work from one of my client and got one of their lawyer to help me for that case. I go very qualified counseling and the lawyer then recommended me to an attorney for the tasks only attorneys were allowed to do. Great experience!

Thanh-Quy Nguyen